Phanice Maiba Now Makes/Sells Soap to Enhance her Income


Recently, some of the caregivers at Kijiji Cha Upendo received training in basket weaving and soap-making – skills that they can use for at home income generating activities. Being able to do activities at home is very important for caregivers who care for many children as they also need to balance with their household duties and childcare.When they sell these products, they can thereby enhance their earnings.

Finding markets for these items was a challenge for the beneficiaries. However, Phanice Maiba was not deterred by those challenges but tried as much as she could and she has ended up selling her soap and baskets.  Rather than wait for big markets Phanice convinced her customers who come to her stall to buy vegetables to buy the soap and the baskets even if it is on credit. Those who initially thought that the soap would not make the clothes or whatever they were washing clean now think otherwise and she is earning some extra income to support the children!

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