Bicycle ride to raise funds for charity in Kibera

imageKijiji cha upendo is planning for a bicycle ride within Nairobi.It will be a major event and the first of its own kind since the  inception of the kijiji cha upendo children’s project.This initiative is geared towards raising funds for the orphans and vulnerable children in kibera.The main participants of this event will be university students drawn from the Jomo kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT),University of Nairobi(UON),Kenyatta University(KU),Mount Kenya University(MKU) and the United states International University(USIU).Confirming this,their leader Alex Gandi said the students are ready and willing to take part in this noble cause.To ensure  fully success of this event,the Kijiji cha Upendo adminstrator Mr andrew obara has handed over the planning and  co-ordination of this event to the cycle ville-an organization that organize bicycle ride events for charity cause in Kenya.He further noted that the centre  is advantageous to have  enough bicycles for that event having received a full container of bicycles from one of their donors from Canada.More than 300 bicycles which came in disintegrated parts are being assembled by trained youths in kibera.Most of these bicycles are sold to willing buyers and the money  is used in helping the needy children by paying their school fees.However,some of the bicycles have been set aside to be used in various initiatives that are meant to raise money for the needy  such as the forthcoming one.

Posted by Alex Gandi


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