Visit By Board Member, Sarah Foster

My trip to Kibera was a great learning experience for me. For the past year, I have been volunteering in Toronto, Canada, for a group called Village of Love Canada ( whose purpose is to raise funds for… Read More

Red Cross JKUAT Chapter reaches out to KIJIJI Cha Upendo Children’s Project in Kibera

Some of the items for donation

  The JKUAT Red Cross chapter on the first weekend of April, 2016 made a noble initiative of reaching out to Kijiji cha Upendo Children’s home in Kibera. The initiative was geared towards donating various basic requirements to… Read More

Soap and Sugar

Leah Atieno, KCU Social Worker, borrowed a leaf from her neighborhood group where each member carries a bar of washing soap and a Kilogramme of sugar to the meeting. The items are shared amongst two of the members… Read More

Toronto Visit

Leonora and Andrew traveled to Toronto in the month of November 2014 for the purpose of fund raising and meeting Village of Love Canada board.They engaged in talks in churches, schools and in various forums. They met groups… Read More

Income Generating Activity WORKSHOP, 2012

Income generating activities (IGA) are very crucial for the general development of poor communities. Kijiji cha Upendo has embraced this approach  of uplifting the standard of living among the poor in Kibera. Caregivers, of late, have been trained… Read More

Red Cross Jkuat Chapter Visit Kijiji Cha Upendo

The plight of poor people throughout the world continuous to be much the same .Many hundreds  millions of people  in the poorer countries are pre-occupied solely with survival and elementary needs . It is in this regard that… Read More

Sally’s Visit to Kijiji cha Upendo


Kijiji cha Upendo community was lucky to receive a visitor from Canada.The visitor by the name Sally is an ambassador  for the village of hope  based in Canada.She was gladly and warmly welcomed by Mrs Obara and introduced… Read More

  KCU and Wheels of Africa are partnering to change lives of some 12 young men and women in Kibera by giving them training on how to repair Mountain Bikes. Bikes for Humanity while donating the bikes had… Read More

Distribution of School Fees – January, 2014


The distribution of school fees provides a grand occasion to invite local government officials, and to celebrate the workers and caregivers! It is an occasion for speeches, information sharing and general praise and encouragement for KCU. With support… Read More

Phanice Maiba Now Makes/Sells Soap to Enhance her Income


Recently, some of the caregivers at Kijiji Cha Upendo received training in basket weaving and soap-making – skills that they can use for at home income generating activities. Being able to do activities at home is very important… Read More